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Information On Laser Acne Scar Removal

Is laser acne scar removal a good treatment option? Discover the facts that will help you make and educated decision.

Acne is a chronic skin problem that men and women alike have to deal with. Although acne can begin during the puberty years for many people it can progress well into their adulthood and this is where the severity of the acne can increase to the stage of producing scars.

Laser acne scar removal has become the number one treatment choice by doctors and dermatologists today, for many different types of scars as well. Whether you have raised acne scars known as fibrous scar or you have depressed scars known as icepick scar, laser therapy may be the answer for you.

The Different Types Of Laser Removal Treatments For Acne Scars

The lasers used for acne scar removal are designed to stimulate your body’s own storage of collagen. Collagen helps produce new skin cells that are healthy and designed to over grown the dead and damaged cells, your acne scars. The smooth beam lasers are non-abrasive and can be used on dark and light skin tones alike.

On the other hand, the Fraxel laser can leave tiny treatment columns on the skin but this laser has been designed to focus only on the acne scar, leaving the surrounding areas of skin untouched. This makes any lines or markings left behind nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. The Fraxel laser is most commonly used on deep depression scars because of its incredible accuracy.

During a laser acne scar removal treatment, the laser will pass over your skin a number of different times. Each time the laser makes a pass it is removing a tiny layer of skin over your acne scar. After several treatments your acne scar will be completely gone and all that is left is smooth and evenly toned skin. It is necessary to complete your laser therapies throughout a handful of different treatments. This is to protect your skin from the harsh treatment it is being put through and to allow healing time in between procedures.

Each time you visit your dermatologist for your laser treatments, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and you will be given a topical anesthetic for the area being worked on. This anesthetic works for about 60minutes which is more than enough for a laser treatment session which lasts only a 20minutes on average.

The length of your sessions will greatly depend on the severity of the scars being treated. The more severe the scars the longer the treatments will need to be in order to be effective. Remember that protective eye gear will be worn during the treatment by yourself and your doctor to avoid any vision complications due to looking directly at the laser.

Following your laser treatments, you may experience a small amount of pain or mere discomfort but this is normal. Your skin will look as though you experienced a very severe sun burn and even blistering of the skin may occur as well as extreme redness.

Tylenol is likely all you will need to control the pain and avoiding the sun is extremely important following this procedure. Your skin will be extremely sensitive because the skin cells are brand new and the sun can quickly and easily damage them. Laser acne scar removal works but there will be some downtime following the procedure.

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